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4K Ultra HD Wired 4 Channel Security System with 4 Cameras

Includes 1TB of free storage
4K Ultra HD Wired 4 Channel Security System with 4 Cameras

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What the Experts are Saying

"It's a great system, the image is fantastic. Once it's set up, it worked really well."

"You’ll be delighted with Defender’s 4K images, which are crystal clear, with accurate colors and balanced contrast..."

"In terms of image quality, these are 8 megapixel or 4K resolution cameras. This is the highest resolution I've personally..."

"This has 128-bit encryption, so no one will be able to go and hack in to view or steal your footage."

"If you want amazing recorded video quality, on site storage of your camera footage with no additional fees..."

"This is good 4K, the details are there, and the colors are good."

"4K resolution is the highest I've seen in a home security system yet, and it really shows. You can zoom in and still have..."

"Everything you need is supplied inside the box to install a very robust security system. You can also access..."

"This kit is more than tough enough for the vast majority of homes and businesses. These are high..."

"You can have different settings for different cameras, depending on your need and what you're filming."

"The Defender 4K system performs admirably. The images are clear and easily accessible. It’s also nice..."

"Performance is quite good with the Defender; the analog BNC connections offer an uninterruptible video feed."

Not Just for the Pros

Combining a powerful ClearVu™ 8 Megapixel image sensor and advanced data compression technology, this powerful DIY 4K security system is designed to keep homes and small businesses safe, without professional installation and monthly service fees.
8 Megapixel UHD Sensor
Infrared LED Night Vision
No Contracts or Monthly Fees
128-bit Bank-Level Encryption
Remote Mobile Viewing
4.1 Stars on Amazon
4K Ultra-HD gives you 8.3 million pixels, which is four times a standard 1080P security system. Combining our ClearVu™ image technology with an integrated IR cut filter gives you brilliant detail, day or night, so you can distinguish faces and license plates.

We’ve Got You Covered

Flexible Viewing View with the free mobile app,
or on a TV or monitor (VGA/HDMI).
Internet Optional Remain secure even if the
Internet goes down.
Reliable Connection A wired system means you’ll
never have to deal with interference.
Rated IP67 Built to withstand rain, snow and dust.
Vandal Resistant Unexposed wires and rigid mounts protect
against tampering.
Withstanding Sub-Zero -40°C ~ 50°C (-40°F ~ 122°F).

Always Connected

Live Notifications


Receive instant alerts to your phone when motion is detected
Live Notifications

Live View

View live or recorded footage on the go directly from the app
Live Notifications

Live View

Live Notifications

Save & Share

Easily download and share footage from the app

Free Storage That Goes On. And On.

Advanced video compression with a local 1TB HDD means you won’t need to transfer, overwrite or delete footage often, giving you the ultimate coverage for your home or business.
Motion Detection
Set a Schedule
24/7 Recording
4K 1TB Systems:
4K (3840 × 2160) Resolution Recording (8 FPS) 1TB (1-4 cameras) = 408 Hours (Average Recording Time)
5MP (2560× 1920) Resolution Recording (15 FPS) 1TB (1-4 cameras) = 480 Hours (Average Recording Time)
1080P (1920 × 1080) Resolution Recording (25 FPS) 1TB (1-4 cameras) = 720 Hours (Average Recording Time)
Model Number
What's Included
  1. DVR with 1TB HDD
  2. 4 Cameras
  3. USB Mouse
  4. HDMI Cable (1 m/3.2 ft)
  5. Ethernet Cable (1.5 m/5 ft)
  6. 4 x Camera BNC Extension Cables (18.2 m/60 ft)
  7. DVR Power Supply
  8. Camera Power Supply
  9. Camera Power Splitter
  10. 4 x Camera Mounting Hardware
  11. Window Warning Sticker (3in x 2in)
  12. Quick Start Guide
Size and Weight
4 Channel DVR: 7.8 inches (200 mm) × 8.3 inches (210 mm) × 1.9 inches (49 mm) 3.49 lb (1.58 kg)
tech-specs-slider tech-specs-slider
4K Camera: 2.32 inches (59 mm) x 2.24 inches (57 mm) x 6.29 inches (159.8 mm) length 0.38 lb (1.78 g)
Resolution: 8MP | 4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 (8,294,400 pixels) Frame Rate: 15fps
*Please Note:Footage must be exported from the DVR and played on a 4K device to view in 4K resolution. 4K (3840 × 2160) Resolution Recording (8 FPS): 1 TB (1 - 4 cameras) = 408 Hours (Average Recording Time)
5MP (2560× 1920) Resolution Recording(15 FPS): 1 TB (1 - 4 cameras) = 408 Hours (Average Recording Time)
1080P (1920 × 1080) Resolution Recording (25 FPS): 1 TB (1 - 4 cameras) = 720 Hours (Average Recording Time)
tech-specs-slider tech-specs-slider
8.29 MP progressive scan CMOS sensor 3.6 mm lens with 79° horizontal FOV 0.01 Lux min illumination Up to 100 ft night vision
Audio over HDMI 1 channel input (via RCA) and 1 channel output (via RCA)
Power and Operating Temperatures
DVR: 12 V DC power supply -10 °C to 55 °C operating temperature
Camera: 12 V DC power supply 4.8 W max power consumption -40 °C to 60 °C operating temperature
PLEASE NOTE: The power supplies are not water-resistant and should not be used outdoors.
DVR I/O Ports
RCA: 1 channel audio input and 1 channel audio output 1 SATA port (Support up to 6TB hard drive) RJ45 ethernet port USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port
App and Connectivity
Defender 24-7 app for iOS 10+ and Android 7.0+ LAN, DHCP, and DDNS wired network support
Web UI
Not Compatible
Comparison Chart
Country of Origin
Made in China

Support Videos

VIDEO: Display Issues | Defender 4K
VIDEO: Defender 4K | Install Overview
VIDEO: How to Playback and Watch Footage | Defender 4K
"The app itself utilizes 128-bit encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by major banks, as well as Apple’s “unhackable” phone encryption"
"The daytime image quality and resolution are absolutely the best you’ll find at this price point"

Support Videos

VIDEO: Display Issues | Defender 4K
VIDEO: Defender 4K | Install Overview
VIDEO: How to Playback and Watch Footage | Defender 4K

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